About Me

Highly skilled and technical architect for all residential, retail and conservation projects

Conservation Architecture


Mark Goodwill-Hodgson (Director) is a Specialist Conservation Architect with a Master of Arts in Architectural Conservation (with distinction) from De Montfort University and is the nominated architect for over a 100 churches of varying grades, including 14 at Grade 1, as well as inspecting three Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

He also has a special interest in the implementation of sustainable energy in historic buildings.

Conservation Architect

Specialising in conservation projects, Mark is able to call upon his outstanding experience to design sensitive alterations, create your brand new church or arrange the conservation of delicate historic fabric.

Residential Architect

Whether you require a new build or an extension to your property, Mark Goodwill-Hodgson Ltd has the capabilities and skillset to design space to your exact requirements and can arrange the implementation and construction.

Retail Architect

From multi-national retail shells to individual shops, Mark Goodwill-Hodgson Ltd can design your retail outlet, using CAD techniques to give you a realistic vision of the final concept and smart technology to smooth the implementation.