Computer Aided Designs in Nottingham

CAD specialists for all residential, retail and conservation architecture projects.

Highly Technical

Architectural Designing

Are you looking for architects who can create innovative and stylish designs for your retail property or place of worship? Mark Goodwill-Hodgson Ltd specialise in CAD techniques for all their architectural projects, ensuring an accurate and ultra-modern finish.

From residential or retail to conservation projects, our skilful and creative architects are able to live up to your ideas and designs.

Designs With Accuracy

Through generated visualisations, walkthroughs, animation and 3D representations of interiors and exteriors, we are able to develop highly accurate designs for your property project.

Cost-Effective Design

When using Creative Aided Designs techniques to predict, test and sequence build operations it can reduce lead-in, programme, costs, on-site reworking and contingency planning to comply with quality standards and safety controls.

Preview Your Plans

Thanks to our CAD architects you can see your project in high definition. Contact one of our experienced architects today to discuss your requirements.